For Meghan, who is always a winner!

Ian Somerhalder.

Ian Somerhalder.

My good friend Meghan has a condition in common with me. Depression. One day when she was feeling low, I asked her if there was something I could draw for her. Being a fan of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, she requested one of the show’s heroes. Working on this drawing, I’m forced to admit that he IS a rather beautiful man.

Dream Number One


Today, I woke early (for me) only to lie down and fall back to sleep. In my sweatdamp slumber, I dreamt that we were at war with Epsilon Eridani, specifically its third planet, the only one in orbit around this orange sun to host any intelligent life. But when the aliens beamed down onto America’s streets, they turned into ISIS fighters, who had secretly built an underground tunnel from the Syrian city of Homs to Proxima Centauri. After that, the dream got weird.image

18 Hours


Once I deduct break times from my count, this particular drawing clocks in at 17:49 hours. Part of that time was spent making and fixing an error of mammoth proportions. The rest was honest work. Now that I’ve quantified the time aspect of this drawing, I have the weirdly obsessive desire to count the dots. This is my lovely sister-in-law, BTW.