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Author Clive Barker

Author Clive Barker

“Hell is reimagined by each generation. Its terrain is surveyed for absurdities and remade in a fresher mould; its terrors are scrutinised and, if necessary, reinvented to suit the current climate of atrocity; its architecture is redesigned to appal the eye of the modern damned. In an earlier age Pandemonium — the first city of Hell — stood on a laval mountain while lightning tore the clouds above it and beacons burned on its wails to summon the fallen angels, Now, such spectacle belongs to Hollywood. Hell stands transposed. No lightning, no pits of fire. In a wasteland a few hundred yards from a motorway flyover it finds a new incarnation: shabby, degenerate, forsaken. But here, where fumes thicken the atmosphere, minor terrors take on a new brutality. Heaven, by night, would have all the configurations of Hell.”

Clive Barker

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