3 thoughts on “Space & Time #137

  1. Anthony says:

    Hey Shikhar,
    I meant to write you when this issue was published. I thought you really nailed it with this illustration. The angle that you chose, the lines and especially the emotions you capture for the characters with just a subtle hint of Sci-Fi in those fingers. It all sets up the story perfectly for the reader. This was my favorite illustration in #137.
    I really dug it.
    –Anthony R. Rhodes

    • S Dixit says:

      Thank you, Anthony! I really appreciate your kind words!

    • S Dixit says:

      If I didn’t get the chance yet, I want to thank you for the kind words. Yeah, I enjoyed the challenge of taking into account their different sizes. It was one of the more enjoyable illos I did for Space & Time. So thank you, once more!

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