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My story “Sacred Glyphs,” will appear in Space & Time #139 (Winter 2020), and it will be illustrated by…me!

Special thanks to Angela Yuriko Smith, Gerard Houarner, and Diane Weinstein (and Lee) for this incredible opportunity.


  1. I am so happy to have your artwork AND story in this next issue of Space and Time! I have enjoyed having your work in the magazine since I’ve been part of it and look forward to many, many more creative jewels in the future. You are awesome!

    • Thank you, Angela!

  2. Excellent! I look forward to reading the story (!) and love the art.

    • Thank you, Marge. I’ve been overwhelmed lately, so my Facebook account is temporarily suspended. You can always reach me via FB Messenger, though. I just need some time to write and draw w/o the feeling that someone is watching over my shoulder, every single character or space I insert into my work.

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