Story and Illustration in S&T

My story “Sacred Glyphs,” will appear in Space & Time #139 (Winter 2020), and it will be illustrated by…me!

Special thanks to Angela Yuriko Smith, Gerard Houarner, and Diane Weinstein (and Lee) for this incredible opportunity.

4 thoughts on “Story and Illustration in S&T

  1. I am so happy to have your artwork AND story in this next issue of Space and Time! I have enjoyed having your work in the magazine since I’ve been part of it and look forward to many, many more creative jewels in the future. You are awesome!

  2. MARGE SIMON says:

    Excellent! I look forward to reading the story (!) and love the art.

    • S Dixit says:

      Thank you, Marge. I’ve been overwhelmed lately, so my Facebook account is temporarily suspended. You can always reach me via FB Messenger, though. I just need some time to write and draw w/o the feeling that someone is watching over my shoulder, every single character or space I insert into my work.

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