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The Deacon

My rendering of the creature that crawls out of a dead Engineer at the end of Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS.

The cyclops’ s father and his beautiful wife.

A couple of years ago, I suggested to my friend Jeffrey Thomas that he might use one of my drawings for inspiration to write a story. As it turned out, it became a long story entitled “The Cyclops,” though my drawing encompassed a small part of it. Still, it is a fine, weird and melancholy tale, and I’m proud to have played a small part in it.

You can find Jeffrey Thomas’s work, where this story was serialized, on his Patreon page.

A novel I copy-edited, The Starving Queen, by the gifted Dean Italiano, is now available for sale. This is truly a visceral, thought-provoking experience that speaks to issues of body image, and the horrors we perpetrate upon ourselves in a search for that unattainable perfection with which society and fashion media have infected us. I encountered shocking moments of recognition as I worked on The Starving Queen, and I have no doubt that this particular supernatural entity has stalked me for much of my life. This is a chilling novel by a very bright talent.

The Vampyre

The Vampyre