Fiction News

I have short story news, as opposed to the boring illustration news:

1. My story “Disquiet” will go live in June, on

2. I have sold my story “Aveline’s Apartment” to ParABnormal Magazine.

After a long dry spell, three things are going right. The first two are mentioned above. The third is that I’ve finally gotten control over my novel. I have tamed the beast, and now that she is under my control, we will go to wonder-filled places, on an Earth just like this one…mostly. I will post a very short excerpt on Slip of the Pen in a few days. Until then, I will be writing my butt off, and you beautiful people will be performing your own kind of magic….

Space & Time

A hearty welcome back to Space & Time Magazine, in honor of whom I’m posting some of the interior work I did for them (haven’t submitted a cover piece yet).

My illustration from Issue #94 of Space & Time Magazine.
Space & Time #125
Red by Christina Sng
Space & Time # 131
Let’s Play A Game
Space & Time #128
Girl Gone Wrong
Space & Time #129
Contestant 107
Space & Time #127